New LED Tape

We are now stocking new 5 metre reels of high brightness LED self adhesive tape. The 5 metre LED strip is IP65 rated which means it is water-resistant and can be used for internal and external use. Boasting an impressive 60 LED’s per metre the reel also comes complete with 10 x U-Clips, 2 x end caps and 3 x leads. A 12V DC power input is required but not included.

Using 3M self adhesive backing makes this LED tape easy to install. Customisation is also possible as the tape can be cut, joined or linked every 50mm which makes it very practical for use in many different applications and situations. With an impressive 30,000 hour life this 5 metre reel of tape will last many years once installed.

With a width of 8mm, a lumen output of 240lm per metre and a colour temperature of 4000k, the cool white 5 metre LED tape offers a high output of light for a product which is actually very small but effective when used.

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Venture’s ECO Watt Retrofit Lamps

Venture’s new ECO Watt metal halide lamps provide a direct retrofit for existing standard Metal Halide lamps but have greatly improved Ra. As such, they are ideal for both saving energy and upgrading existing lamps to a superior clean white light – simply by replacing the lamps.

ECO Watt lamps typically deliver an immediate 10% energy saving, fitting directly into MH (mercury circuits), with no need to replace control gear or alter the luminaires’ optics. As such, they offer building operators a low cost lighting upgrade with a fast return on investment.

They are available in 225W to replace 250W MH lamps, and 365W to replace 400W MH lamps.

Additional benefits include faster starting and re-striking and significantly improved lighting with better colour rendering thus providing a brighter and more natural light.

Venture Lighting Europe News

Venture Lighting Europe’s new Twin-Arc sustainability metal halide lamps provide significantly longer lamp life (up to 50,000 hours with Venture’s electronic gear), making them ideal for applications where re-lamping is costly and/or disruptive.

The twin arc configuration also enables near instant re-strike of the unlit arc when the other main arc has been extinguished by a mains failure, thus improving health, safety and security.

The new lamps comprise two separate arc tubes in the same lamp envelope, but only one arc ignites at a time – alternating each time the lamp is switched on. This arrangement ensures equal use of each arc to maximise lamp life and reduce the maintenance costs associated with re-lamping.

A further benefit of this configuration is that in the event of mains failure or momentary outage, the unlit arc tube is already cooler and is ready to ignite quicker than a standard lamp, which in contrast, may require an interval of several minutes before it can re-strike.

Venture Twin-Arc lamps are available with a 30,000 hour life in wattage’s from 70W to 250W, and 40,000 hour life in 320W and 400W versions. When combined with Venture’s advanced Ventronic electronic ballast’s these lamp lives can be extended to 40,000 and 50,000 hours respectively.

Lamp prices: more pain to come

The industry is bracing itself for another round of fluorescent lamp price hikes as China totally blocks rare earth supply.

China’s largest rare earth producer has now cut off supply.

The Inner Mongolia Baotou Steel Rare-Earth Group, which accounts for nearly half of the world’s light rare earth production, has suspended smelting and separation work for a month. It said in a filing with the Shanghai Stock Exchange that the move was aimed at ‘balancing supply and demand’.

Since summer, some rare earth prices have dropped after recent stark rises. The company wants to use its market power to drive costs back up. RBS estimates a month-long suspension will remove about 5,000 tonnes from the global market.

Sam Berridge, rare earth analyst at RBS, said: ‘We would expect a month-long shutdown from the largest producer in the world to affect prices fairly quickly.’

Reports say Baotou also plans to buy rare earth metals in an attempt to further in ate prices. The company controls 60 per cent of China’s production of the materials after the Chinese government merged 35 local companies into the business. The cost of phosphor has skyrocketed this year, from about £20 a kilo in February to over £400. This has triggered a series of price increases on various fluorescent lamps.

Prices of fluorescents set to rocket again !

As the cost of fluorescent lamps continues to rise, wholesalers and distributors have contacted Lux to voice their concerns.
A major supplier has said they was unable to give customers prices on future orders. They said: ‘If the manufacturers were savvy, they’d buy from two sources. That’s what we do.’

Supplies of T8s are dwindling, with distributors struggling to get hold of tubes from the leading manufacturers, Manufacturers deny profiteering and are considering alternatives.