Retailers avoid ban on traditional light bulbs

You may have noticed the recent articles on both the Telegraph and Daily Mail web-sites. “Retailers avoid ban on traditional light bulbs” by Edward Malnick and Daniel Martin. are pleased to offer the largest and most competitively priced “rough service” “Tough lamps” of any of the online retailers.

The final phase of the European Union’s long ridiculous campaign to ban traditional light bulbs will take place from 1st September 2012 with the ban on 40w light bulbs.

The 100w version were the first to go, then the 60w. Now, from this week 1st September 2012 the 40w bulb will be phased out!

For everyone that still prefers the warm incandescent bulbs that have no warm up time and give a bright instant light that we have used since Thomas Edison first invented it in 1879, there are still some companies like National Lamps and Components that can help.

The European Union directive banning standard incandescent lamps refers only to those meant for “household lamps”, meaning retailers can continue to supply bulbs intended for “industrial use”.

At least two British lamp importers are now selling thousands of “rough service” or so called “Tough lamps” which are available in a variety of cap types which look identical to and work exactly the same way as-the bulbs that will be outlawed by the European Union directive.

These bulbs are not being sold by major supermarkets most of which have voluntarily stopped selling incandescent bulbs, but they will continue to be available from specialist lighting and lamp shops, as well as online retailers like, and

These bulbs are usually manufactured with an extra filament support and a thicker filament making them less likely to be broken by shock or vibration.

The cartons are usually marked “rough service” or “Tough lamp” and have double the life of a standard household lamp.

One large manufacturer, Bell, recently sent lamp distributors like a list of incandescent “Tough lamps” which said “don’t panic – All incandescent Tough lamps will be available from stock in September, candle shape, golf ball shape and standard household GLS shape.

Now the National Measurement Office, the Government agency responsible for enforcing the ban on traditional bulbs, have warned householders against buying rough-service bulbs, saying “consideration should be given to the terms and conditions of any household insurance policy if such lamps are used for illuminating your home.”

“We don’t live in a nanny state at all do we”!

David Gradley

Managing Director

Megaman 6W Dimmable GU10

Energy saving expert Megaman UK has announced the addition of a new 6W Dimming GU10 to its popular, and quickly increasing, reflector LED lamp range.

Megaman’s LED reflector lamps are quite unique in design when compared to the more familiar lens-style LED lamps that are widely available, mainly due to the utilisation of parabolic reflectors and the use the company’s patented Thermal Conductive Highway™ (TCH) technology.

This patented technology uses a special heat drain across the reflector that allows the LEDs to dissipate heat efficiently via the heat sink, whilst preventing deterioration of the LED multi-chip array and other components. The technology also gives the lamps a longer life with high lumen maintenance, resulting in up to 70% of initial lumens still available even at the end of lamp life, which provides a lamp that is the most efficient LED lighting solution currently available.

The 6W Dimming GU10 lamp provides a 35° beam angle and offers 50,000 hours life, making it ideal for use in a wide range of applications,  such as showrooms, reception areas, meeting rooms, offices, hotels, restaurants and lounges.