Osram to drop ‘ECO’ claim on halogen products

Major light bulb producer Osram has given way and agreed to stop branding old-fashioned halogen products as ‘eco’ bulbs.

Consumer groups accused the firm of trying to ‘greenwash’ their products, encouraging people to buy them because they think they are more environmentally friendly and could save them money. But in reality halogen bulbs are among the least energy efficient bulbs widely available today. They have been surpassed by several technologies including LEDs and compact fluorescent (CFL) bulbs – some of which will burn ten times less energy. Now Osram has agreed to re brand its ‘Eco Superstar’ bulb as ‘Halogen Classic’.

A spokesman for the Germany-based firm said: ‘We have decided not to use the term ‘Eco’ for our halogen products any more. ‘This change will be implemented in the course of an already planned packaging change. 

The Energy Saving Trust estimates that replacing every halogen bulb with LEDs will save a family £40 a year in electricity bills.

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Excerpt from the Daily Mail