Venture Provide an Energy Saving Solution at Bedford Hospital

Venture Lighting Europe has supplied its Part Night ballasts and White-Lux Plus lamps for the refurbishment of car park and warehouse areas at Bedford Hospital, part of the Bedford Hospital NHS Trust. The Venture system, recommended by Century Lighting, has been designed to provide a high level of flexibility which includes the dimming of light levels during quiet times, resulting in a far more energy efficient lighting scheme.

Bedford Hospital is a 403-bed acute district general hospital providing first class healthcare services to more than 270,000 people living predominantly in North and Mid Bedfordshire. These services are delivered mainly from one site in the centre of Bedford, and include a 24-hour accident and emergency department, acute medicine, maternity, paediatrics, older peoples’ services and a comprehensive range of surgical specialities. The brief was to replace the existing High Pressure Sodium lighting at the hospital’s main staff and visitors car parks in Britannia Road with the aim of achieving a better quality of light.

Various options were considered, including LEDs but on further investigation it was proven that this would not be a practical solution. Following discussions, Redditch based Century Lighting suggested replacing the 250W SON lamps with 150W metal halide in the main car parks. Trials confirmed that the metal halide source would indeed offer excellent light levels and provide the right choice for the project. Century also suggested using Venture’s Part Night electronic control gear so that the lamps could be programmed to dim in quiet times such as midnight to 6.00am.

Venture’s White-Lux Plus 70W and 150W lamps were used throughout the project along with the replacement of some of the older fittings, which were used with Century’s “Brisbane” and “Park” luminaires. Venture’s Part Night ballasts were programmed to ensure adequate light levels were maintained at times when vehicle and pedestrian traffic is at its height, such as visitor times and staff shift changeover times.

Programming for Part Night can be carried out post-installation via the existing mains cable, eliminating the need for additional wiring or expensive communication packages. Each ballast can also be individually addressable to maximise the range of configurations available and lighting points can be controlled individually or in zones and re-programmed at any time to reflect changes in lighting requirements.

Brian Randall, Project Manager at Bedford Hospital commented “I was quite sceptical about using a metal halide source at first however, following Century’s advice, I have to admit that the light levels are excellent and we are very pleased with the result. The annual savings for the scheme is calculated at £2.5k per annum – this includes the savings by reducing lamp wattages and changing to electronic control gear. We are now in the process of costing up the next phase to upgrade utilising the same system.”

Power Port

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The Power Port can be fitted into most work surfaces up to a depth of 60mm and requires 102-105mm cut out hole, full fitting instructions are supplied with purchase.

Venture Provide the Light for Hayes Garden World

Venture Lighting Europe has supplied lamps and dimming ballasts for interior lighting at Ambleside based Hayes Garden World. Supplied and specified by Hacel Lighting Ltd, the metal halide lighting scheme was chosen to ensure excellent colour rendering, whilst dramatically reducing the overall energy consumption on site.

Hayes Garden World is one of Europe’s leading garden centres with annual visitor numbers of over 1.25 million. The centre covers an area of 16 acres, and has 228,000 square feet of indoor display space as well as extensive outdoor areas. Hacel were contacted to review the existing scheme and suggest a more efficient, energy saving light source that would greatly improve the interior plant displays and general retail areas, which include books, CDs, clothing and seasonal displays.

Hacel’s Aspen Prismatic high bay luminaires were used throughout with Venture’s Uni-Form® 150w ceramic lamps. The precise optics of the Aspen Prismatic luminaire ensures effective light distribution with no glare, whilst the high performance design of the ceramic lamp eliminates cold spots for a more uniform light source. Operating with an electronic control gear they are designed to achieve the best possible performance, including longer life and better lumen maintenance.

As part of the retail section is contained under a bespoke curved glass vaulted ceiling, Hacel suggested using Venture’s Ventronic dimming ballasts specifically for this area. This allowed the system to automatically assess the amount of natural light available and dim down accordingly, thus saving energy and keeping the light at a constant, even level. Venture’s Low Wattage Ventronic has universal lamp compatibility and can be used with 20W to 150W lamps. Silent in operation, the system is “kind” to electrodes which means that switching frequency will not affect lamp life. The system is also unaffected by unstable voltage because, by regulating the power to the lamp, it achieves optimum lamp performance whilst, in the event of an interruption to the mains supply, the lamp remains fully stable.

The use of a metal halide lighting solution has helped to reduce the overall energy consumption on the Hayes Garden World site by 45% and has addressed the problem faced by many garden centres, namely how to show the plants and produce at their best. General manager Richard Hayes commented “We are extremely pleased with the quality of the new lighting scheme and the advice and support given by Hacel, as well as the energy savings they have helped us to achieve. Staff and customers have commented on the enhanced general ambience that the new lighting has created”.