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10 watt High Powered G12 CDMT Replacement LED Lamp
This G12 10 watt LED lamp runs at 220 volts, so you may have to remove control gear, if in use. The SMD LEDs offer a high level of brightness and a 360º beam angle. This allows us to save up to 90% when compared with halogen G12 bulbs. The main uses for this G12 10W LED Bulb is in wall lights, in bathroom lights, etc… It has a working life that can reach 30,000 hours. G12 lamps are generally used in retail lighting applications. Please note this lamp offers 1000 lumens of light output. A 20 watt metal halide G12 lamp offers 1800 lumens as a comparison. 4500k Crisp cool white colour
Item Code: CORNLED10WG124K
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