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Mackwell Primian-1 S4CHE Emergency Module/Inverter To Power 1x18W-58W Lamp
Primian-1™ modules operate a wide range of 4 pin fluorescent lamps and each module is fitted with a lamp optimisation link to ensure the best output and duration across the lamp range. The 5th pole ensures satisfactory re-starting of HF ballasts after emergency lighting test function. The Primian-1™ modules are also fitted with a link to select 3 hour or 1 hour duration, with appropriate batteries. Built with Deep Discharge Protection as standard. Product Features Switch Mode Power Supply runs cooler than traditional iron core transformers Selectable 3 hour or 1 hour duration Use with 4Ah or 1.5Ah cells Use with NiCd or NiMH cells Maintained 5 pole ballast switching Small size enables simple installation 3 year warranty Optimisation link for wide range of lamps
Item Code: S4CHE
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