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Golf Ball 40W BC Clear PROU40CBC
High quality fully dimmable 2700K warm white incandescent golf ball. Standard golf ball size 45 x 72 mm. Instant full light.
Item Code: RSGB24040C22
£2.60 inc VAT
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Tubular LES Lamp T-1 1/2 E5 6v 60mA
Tubular LES lamp T-1 1/2 E5, 6v 60mA.
Item Code: 673
£1.10 inc VAT
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Tubular SX3 Lamp T-1 12v 60mA
Tubular SX3 lamp T-1, 12v 60mA.
Item Code: 32
£2.32 inc VAT
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118mm Aluminium Reflector IRC300
Reflector to be used with K515F lampholder.
Item Code: IRC300
£2.98 inc VAT
E11 Lampholder
Metal E11 lamp holder (socket) for halogen bulbs. Complete with 18inch leads and fixing lugs.
Item Code: S25 HOLDER
£12.43 inc VAT
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EPZ Microfilm Projector Bulb 13.8V 50W GX5.3
EPZ Microfilm Projector Bulb 13.8V 50W GX5.3. Microfiche readers and projectors, printers and jacket fillers. Also used for medical equipment.
Item Code: EPZ
£20.36 inc VAT
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Hospital Lamp 2.7V
Hospital Lamp 2.7V clear avec long cont.
Item Code: M170L
£9.34 inc VAT
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40w Crown Silver E14 Golf Ball
Crown silver SES 40watt lamp. This lamp is often used in shop window displays. The reflective aluminium coating applied to the top of the lamp creates a wide area of background light.
Item Code: CS2404014
£2.34 inc VAT
Type 2365 Tubular 25Watt B22d
Type 2365 tubular 23 x 65mm B22d BC cap. 25Watt.
Item Code: 60/240/25/B
£1.51 inc VAT
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Ba15s (SCC) Lampholder With Lugs
Metal lampholder with lugs. BA15s SCC.
Item Code: 126 964
£3.18 inc VAT
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Photo Projector Halogen Lamps 300W GX5.3 EXR
Halogen Photo Projector lamp. EXR 82V 300W GX5.3. Colour Temperature 3350 K. Average Life 35 hours
Item Code: EXR
£13.86 inc VAT
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Ba9s (MCC) Bayonet Lampholder With Tag E Lug
A Steel Ba9s (miniature centre contact) bayonet lamp (bulb) holder complete with fixing lug and solder tag. Commonly used in electrical panels.

Also known as KJ71N
Item Code: 126 976
£1.74 inc VAT
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S19x48mm 12V 6W E12 Clear Bulb
Filament bulb 12V 6W E12 candelabra cap, USA & far eastern thread. Clear baloon style glass 19mm diameter. Overal length is 48mm.
Item Code: 19/12/6/C
£1.81 inc VAT
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Orbitec MR11 24v 20w G4 35mm Dichroic
35mm dichroic halogen reflector in 24 volts 20 watts. Commonly used in coach or boat lighting.
Item Code: H68082F
£3.96 inc VAT
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5.5 x 15.9 6.3v Bi-Pin Filament Lamp
T1 3/4 6mm Bi-Pin filament lamp, 6.3v.
Item Code: 7381/05
£1.48 inc VAT
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Tubular LES Lamp T-1 3/4 E5.6 28v 40mA
Tubular LES lamp T-1 3/4 E5.6, 28v 40mA.
Item Code: 399
£0.88 inc VAT
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K19 220-260v 7w e12 candelabra
S19 x 48mm 220-260V 7W E12 Clear. This bulb is popular to night lights.
Item Code: 19/260/7/C
£2.04 inc VAT
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1-9 = £1.70 each
10+ = £1.08 each
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B15d (SBC) Lamp Holder With Skirt
B15d base lampholder with skirt body is galvinised steel with screw type terminals. Maximimum temperature 230*
Item Code: 126 965
£3.53 inc VAT
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S14S Lampholder For Architectural Double Cap Lamps
Double peg lampholder for architectural lamps. This lampholder is essential as the lamp cannot be installed and used correctly, especially when using the peg lamp as a feature/fitting. For each peg, a lampholder must be purchased.
Item Code: S14SARC
£4.56 inc VAT
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6x28mm 12V 1.2Watt S5.5 Festoon Lamp
Festoon Lamp 6x28mm 12V 1.2W S5.5.
Item Code: S628/12/.1
£1.50 inc VAT
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