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G9 Ceramic Bulb Lamp Holder ALH/G9
A ceramic G9 Lampholder ideal for all G9 Halogen Lamps. Rated voltage 250v AC. Size 21 x 24mm.
Item Code: ALH/G9
£4.20 inc VAT
Discharge & Incandescent Lamp Holder

ES Pendant M10 entry plastic.
Item Code: ALH/E27/PLA/M10
£2.64 inc VAT
In Stock
Single Ended MH & White Son Lamp holder ALH/HQI/G12
G12 35w, 70w, 150w Metal halide 30mm fix centres.
Item Code: ALH/HQI/G12
£11.41 inc VAT
In Stock
RX7s 70W-100W HQI-TS Lamp Holder
70w-100w HQI TS assembly.
Item Code: ALH/HQI/R7B7
£7.09 inc VAT
In Stock
Tombstone T5 End Fix Type ALH/MPA
Push through Tombstone T5 lampholder 10x20mm lamp centre 16mm.
Item Code: ALH/MPA
£1.13 inc VAT
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Parmar ALH/PL G23 Compact Fluorescent Lamp Holder
Parmar G23 Plastic Lamp holder for compact fluorescent tubes. Screw fix horizontal/vertical.

Code: ALH/PL
Item Code: ALH/PL
£4.74 inc VAT
In Stock
2G7  Screw Fix Horizontal Lamp Holder
2G7 Screw Fix Horizontal Lamp Holder for Fluorescent Lamp.
Item Code: ALH/2G7
£3.53 inc VAT
Quantity Pricing
1-9 = £2.94 each
10+ = £2.69 each
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Lamp Holder For T8 Linear Tube
T8 (1")LHD grip wire.
Item Code: ALH/S8
£1.38 inc VAT
In Stock
T5 Fluorescent Tube Lamp Holder C/W 2ft Leads ALH/S5/2
T5 Lamp holder 2Ft tail. Please note a white lamp holder may be supplied. Lamp holder 20 x 22 mm.
Item Code: ALH/S5/2
£5.69 inc VAT
In Stock
2D Compact Lamp Holder GR8 (2 Pin)
Lamp holder for 2 pin 2D compact fluorescents. GR8 Snap fix 2 pegs 30mm c/s.
Item Code: ALH/2D/P
£2.10 inc VAT
In Stock
Compact Lamp Holder 2G11 ALH/2G11P
2G11 Snap fix two pegs 20mm c/s. Lampholder for compact fluorescent PLL lamps
Item Code: ALH/2G11P
£3.48 inc VAT
In Stock
GES (E40) Porcelain Lamp Holder With Bracket
GES External bracket skirted porcelain lampholder.
Item Code: ALH/P/GES/S/BKT
£9.54 inc VAT
Lampholder FC2 For Metal Halide Lamps
Brought in to order. Despatched within 7 working days of ordering
FC2 Holder to suit 250Watt - 1000watt HQI-TS lamps.
Item Code: ALH/HQI/FC2
£9.19 inc VAT
HSP052232 50Watt Parmar Ballast
Parmar 50Watt HSP05223221-N ballast.
50Hz Control Gear For HPS, MH & Ceramic MH Lamps.
Lamp Current (A) 0.76
Input Voltage at 50Hz (V) 230/240 Circuit Watts (W) 63
Running Current (A) 0.29 Delta T (ºC) 70 tw (ºC) 140 Thermal Cut-out Y
Capacitor Value (f) 8 Capacitor Voltage (V) 250
Item Code: HSP05223221
£22.64 inc VAT
Plastic BC Lamp Holder
Plastic BC Lampholders
Item Code: ALH/BC/PLAS
£4.72 inc VAT
ALH-G23SUPP Support Clip G23 GX23 2G7 Snap Fix
Support clip for compact lamps. G23 GX23 2G7 Support snap fix 16mm c/s.
Item Code: ALH/G23SUP/P
£1.16 inc VAT
ALH-GX24Q2H Lampholder for Compact Fluorescent Lamp
G(X) 24q2 screw fix horizontal lampholder for 18Watt 4Pin Compact Fluorescent.
Item Code: ALH/GX24Q2/H
£6.60 inc VAT
AFTB7 13A 3 Way Fused Terminal Block

13Amp 3 Way Fused Terminal Block.

Code: AFTB7
Item Code: AFTB7
£4.55 inc VAT
ALH/210 Lampholder 2G10
ALH/2G10 Lampholder. 2G10 screw fix. For 18, 24, 36w 4 pin compact fluorescents.
Item Code: ALH/2G10
£4.20 inc VAT
In Stock
1 x 18Watt T8 Switch Start Gear Tray ZR118
1 x 18watt T8 switch start gear tray complete with lampholders, leads and terry clips.

** Please call or email for price and availability due to product changes **

Smart high frequency version now GT2/30T8HF
P.D switch start ZR118-T magnetic ballast and capacitor version
Item Code: GT118
£15.96 inc VAT
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