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Philips MASTER TL-D Super 80 23W 840 - 970mm
This 23 watt fluorescent tube has a G13 cap fitting and a cool white colour finish
Item Code: F23T8S840
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Mercury Elliptical GES Lamp 250Watt
Giant edison screw (GES) E40 capped 250w MBF/U mercury fluorescent elliptical lamp with excellent reliability throughout the long 29,000 hours average life. Mainly used for lighting in roads, parks, industrial, rail and dock yards.

Venture code: 00209
Item Code: MB250
£16.38 inc VAT
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Mercury Elliptical GES Lamp 400Watt
Giant eddison screw (GES) E40 capped 400w MBF/U mercury fluorescent elliptical lamp with excellent reliability throughout the long 15,000 hours average life. Mainly used for lighting in roads, parks, industrial, rail and dock yards.
Item Code: MB400
£20.82 inc VAT
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Philips Master TL-D Graphica 36Watt/950
Philips Master TL-D Graphica 36Watt/950. Low pressure mercury discharge lamps with a tubular 26mm envelope. High quality fluorescent coating. Used in applications where excellent colour rendering is needed, for example photo shops, hospitals, graphical industry etc.
Item Code: F36T8950GP
£10.08 inc VAT
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30SDWT Philips Master SDW-T White Son-T)
Philips Master SDW-T white son lamp. Offering a warm white colour impression. Often used for shop lighting. Excellent display of fresh goods ie Butchers, bakers and flower shops. 35Watt. 240v. 2550K.

Item Code: 35SDWT
£38.76 inc VAT
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SOX  18W Lamp SXE18
18-watt low-pressure sodium SOX lamp, this U-shaped discharge tube is in a clear tubular outer bulb. This lamp produces a yellow colour light, which can be used for road lighting, tunnel lighting, security applications and many more! Burn H20, Length 210mm, Lumen 1800, and Diameter 54mm.
Item Code: SXE18
£47.94 inc VAT
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Philips HF Performer 1X14w Ballast
1X14w/21w/28w/35w TL5 Lamp.
Item Code: HFP128TL5
£31.99 inc VAT
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Philips H.F-Performer II PL-L 1x36 Watt Ballast
Second generation slim, lightweight high frequency ballast for PL-L fluorescent lamps, using philips EII technology. 220-240Volts. 50/60Hz. 1 x 36 Watt.
Item Code: HFP136PLL
£34.30 inc VAT
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HF-Performer II TLD 1x18watt Philips Ballast
Philips HF-Performer. Second generation slim, Light weight HF electronic ballast for 1 x 18watt TL-D (T8) fluorescent tube.
Item Code: HFP118TLD
£16.74 inc VAT
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HFMBLUE124LH Philips HF Matchbox Blue 18W/24W Ballast
HF Matchbox BLUE 124 LH TL/TL5/ PL-L. 18-24Watt. Compact lightweight, high frequency electronic ballast for TL(4-18Watt), TL5(14-28Watt) and compact fluorescent PL(5-24Watt) lamps. It has many features including instant start, flicker free starting which is perfect for lighting applications with long burning hours and infrequent switching. The HF Matchbox BLUE ballasts are highly recommended where the lighting is burning continuously for 3 hours+ (3-8 switchings per day), or in residential applications where the intensity of use is limited. Energy savings of more than 25% compared with electromagnetic gear. These ballasts are designed for areas where the lighting is switched on/off infrequently and should not be used in combination with movement/presence detectors. Indoor areas where the ballast would be recommended are kitchens, lounges, studies, bedrooms, halls, stairs and garages. Outdoor areas would be recommended as porches, front doors, galleries and driveways.
Item Code: HFMBLUE124LH
£18.20 inc VAT
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150w 96v Rare Earth Lamp
Proven MSD reliability and high perceived brightness. 150watt 95volts. 3000hours life and G12 base. High Tc of 8000k Kelvin. Suitable for multifunctional fixtures.
Item Code: MSD150/2
£128.89 inc VAT
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200w Projector Lamp
200 watt projector lamp 24v gx5.3.
Item Code: A1/252
£10.92 inc VAT
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Philips High Frequency 1 x 14Watt Regulator TL5
High Frequency 1 x 14Watt Regulator TL5. Electronic regulating ballast for TL5 fluorescent lamps. Flat ballast design.
Item Code: HFR11435TL5E11
£101.16 inc VAT
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T8 Halophosphate Fluorescent Tube 36Watt Cool White
T8 Halophosphate fluorescent tube 970mm. Cool white. 36Watt.
Item Code: F36T8S840PH
£5.39 inc VAT
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3+ = £3.75 each
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Philips HID PrimaVision Compact 1x35Watt Ballast
HID PrimaVision CDM Philips Electronic Ballast. 1x35Watt, 220-240Volt, plastic housing, lightweight.
Item Code: HIDPVC035S
£103.90 inc VAT
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Philips Master 140Watt CosmoPolis Metal Halide
Philips Master 140Watt CPO TW CosmoPolis White Metal Halide. Colour Temperature 2600-2850K. Base PGZ12. Universal Burning position. Designed to work on electronic gear only. New Generation ceramic metal halide lamp for outdoor lighting.

Philips order code 208538
Item Code: 140CPOTW728
£110.44 inc VAT
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5761 6v 30Watt Halogen G4 Capsule Projection Lamp
6v 30Watt Halogen G4 capsule projection lamp.
Philips Code: 410849
Often found in Nikon or Olmpus microscopes.
Item Code: 5761
£12.22 inc VAT
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Philips 400HPITPLUS 400Watt Metal Halide
Master HPI-T plus Quartz Metal Halide lamp with clear tubular outer bulb. Can be run on HPI gear as well as on SON-gear. 400watt E40 GES base.
Item Code: 400HPIT
£23.40 inc VAT
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Philips Focusline  DUV35 Xenon Gas Discharge UV Lamp 85V 35W P32d
Philips Focusline DUV35 Xenon Gas Discharge UV Lamp 85V 35W P32d. The high pressure arc bulb is characterised by superior output performance, intense UV light with a peak at 365 nanometres. Main use is industrial UV.
Technical Data • 85V 35W P32d • Philips order code 404886 30 • Philips bar code 871150040488630 • Luminous flux: 1200 Lm • Average Life 2000 hours • Lamp wattage: 35 W • Lamp voltage: 85 +- 17 V • Starting voltage: max 25 kV • Emitted light energy: 4.5
Item Code: DUV35
£174.11 inc VAT
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Philips BSX 35/55L82 240V 50Hz BCO-196
Impregnated electromagnetic copper/iron ballasts for use with an external ignitor for SOX and SOX-E lamps. Ideal for the following applications: Road lighting, railway marshalling yards and crossings, airports, harbours and docks, quarries, foundries and rolling mills, security and orientation lighting. Climate suitability: Use in luminaires or poles under normal humid conditions (not drip Proof). Simple installation and cabling. Equipped with double-insert contacts. Compact dimensions and light weight with minimal watt losses, thanks to orthocyclic winding process. Nett weight per piece 0.925KG
Item Code: BSX3555L82
£22.79 inc VAT
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