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Radium M158 12 volt 50 watt AR111 Halo Star Auminium Reflector Lamp
Direct equivalent to Osram 41990FL (M158) 12volt, 50W Ba15d (SBC) 24 degree Aluminium 70mm Halogen reflector lamp, fitted with anti-glare shield over the Halogen capsule and ease of handling. Also known as a Halospot.
Item Code: 41990FL
£8.21 inc VAT
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50w Spot Beam Angle MR16 Low Voltage Dichroic
Covered front for added safety. 50mm diameter 12v MR16 GU5.3.
Item Code: EXT/CG
£2.29 inc VAT
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Radium NL-T8 36W/840U 36Watt U-Tube
36W U-shaped triphosphor fluorescent tube, colour 840 coolwhite.
Item Code: F36UT8840
£24.25 inc VAT
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L 4-Pin 24W 3000K 2G11 Warm White PL-L Compact Fluorescent
L 4-Pin 24W 2G11 biax warm white low energy fluorescent lamp.
Item Code: FSL24830
£3.28 inc VAT
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T8 Coloured Fluorescent Tube 36W Red
T8 4ft 1200mm 36 watt Red fluorescent tube. Length 1200mm / 48inches. Coloured fluorescent lamp used where a decorative light is required. *Please note this tube looks white until switched on, then glows Red*

Alternative code: 795-9583
Item Code: F36T860RED
£16.80 inc VAT
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Radium 15W 118mm Dimmable LED R7s Floodlight Replacement 43119493
This Radium 15W Dimmable floodlight replaces 118mm halogen R7's. In a warm white 2700 kelvin colour that produces an impressive 2000 lumens. Average life of 25000 hours.
Item Code: LEDR7S118MM27KD
£14.63 inc VAT
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Metal Halide Quartz Without Reflector HQI-TS 2000W
Meatl Halide with Quartz burner HQI-TS 2000W without reflector.
Item Code: H2KNL
£139.38 inc VAT
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Radium RL RAL2 120 DIM  1M LED Architectural Linear S14s 15W Opal
Radium 42614817 LED 15watt architectural linear S14s lamp.
2700K Warm white with a Opal finish.
This lamp is dimmable which makes it ideal for restaurant, bars, and hotel lighting.
This LED lamp replaces the standard 120watt architectural lamp.
Item Code: ARCLED16.5S14SF
£39.54 inc VAT
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64477CL-Eco Halogen 240v 105w B15d-Replaces 150w Version
Halolux Ralogen-T 230V/240V 105W B15d SBC Clear. Fully dimmable single ended lamp.
Item Code: 64477CL
£4.20 inc VAT
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10+ = £3.17 each
Halogen Halolux 64861T 230/240V E14 SES 40W
Halolux T is the decorative alternative to conventional candle and tubular lamps up to 30% more light than ordinary light bulbs. Brilliant halogen light. Also dimmable. colour temperature 2900K. UV Filter.
Item Code: 64861CL
£7.14 inc VAT
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Metal Halide Lamp With Quartz Burner E40 2000W HRI-T 2000W/N/I/400/E40
HQI-T 2000W Metal halide lamp with quartz burner. E40 base. Ideal for sports arenas, industry, lighting for film and TV recording

Radium Code: HRI-T 2000W/N/I/400/E40
Item Code: 83330
£110.40 inc VAT
R80 Reflector For Horticulture 60W Flora E27
Radium concentra spot natura 230V 60Watt E27/ES. This reflector lamp is made from Neodym glass to emphazize colours. Colours are shown in greater contrast with this light. Main applications are flowers, plants and vegtables.
Equivalent to Osram Concentra R80 Natura 60 and Sylvania Neodymium/Grolux.
Item Code: 60R80NEODYM
£3.96 inc VAT
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Low Pressure Capsule 90W 12V
12V 90W low pressure capsule. Ideal for interior display, shop windows, restaurants and discotheque lighting.
Item Code: 64458RAD
£1.68 inc VAT
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Radium HQI-T Clear 250W/D GES Metal Halide 5500K
Tubular (HIT) clear enclosed rated. 5500k. 250Watt, Cap E40 (GES) Can directly replace SON lamps of the same wattage that run from an external ignitor.

** Alternative to Venture Code: 10855 **
Item Code: HIT250HBULU5K
£16.63 inc VAT
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T8 38W 1050mm Cool White Fluorescent Tube
T8 38Watt 1050mm 840 Cool White fluorescent tube. Extra long life, reduced mercury and recyclable. Slimline triphosphor tube. Commonly used in offices, kitchens and garages.
Item Code: F38T8840
£4.32 inc VAT
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7+ = £3.12 each
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