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GLS Clear Tough Lamp 240V 25W BC
GLS clear 240/250V 25W BC/B22d last 3 times longer than a standard bulb. Tough durable filament. Suitable for rough service and industrial applications.
Item Code: GS24025C22
£1.70 inc VAT
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Opal Candle Bulb 40W ES PCAN40OES
Opal Frosted 40 watt ES E27 incandescent bulb.
Item Code: RSCO2404027
£1.32 inc VAT
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Opal Candle Bulb 60W SES PCAN60OSES
Opal Frosted 60 watt SES E14 incandescent bulb.
Item Code: RSCO2406014
£1.32 inc VAT
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Standard Opal Candle Bulb 240v 60W ES/E27
Opal Frosted 60 watt ES E27 incandescent candle bulb.
Item Code: RSCO2406027
£1.50 inc VAT
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T6.8 x 44mm Telephone Slide Lamp 12V 100MA
Telephone slide lamp T6.8x44mm, 12v 100mA.
Item Code: 6844/12/100
£1.44 inc VAT
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Tubular SES E14 lamp T16x35mm E14 24v 5w
Tubular SES lamp T16x35mm E14, 24v, 5w.
Item Code: 35/24/5/E
£1.18 inc VAT
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Tubular BA7s Lamp T6.8mm 6v 200mA
Tubular BA7s lamp T6.8mm, 6v 200mA.
Item Code: 7123/6/200
£0.98 inc VAT
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Tubular BA15d lamp T16x35mm 12v 5w
Tubular BA15d lamp T16x35mm, 12v, 5w.
Item Code: 35/12/5/B
£1.44 inc VAT
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Tubular MES Lamp T-3 1/4 E10 240v 13mA
Tubular MES lamp T-3 1/4 E10, 240v 13mA.
Item Code: 10/240/4/E
£0.90 inc VAT
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5Volt 90mA Tubular BA9s Lamp
Tubular BA9s lamp T-3 1/4 10mm, 5v, 90mA.
Item Code: 10/5/.09/B
£1.07 inc VAT
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Wedge Base Lamp 6.3v 0.15A
10mm wedge base lamp 6.3v 0.15A.
Item Code: 159
£0.49 inc VAT
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Midget Flange SX6 Lamp T-1 3/4 28v 40mA
Tubular SX6s lamp T-1 3/4, 28v 40mA.
Item Code: 387
£0.76 inc VAT
Quantity Pricing
10-49 = £0.63 each
50-99 = £0.33 each
100+ = £0.28 each
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Tubular S6s Lamp T-1 3/4 6.3v 200mA
Tubular S6s lamp T-1 3/4, 6.3v 200mA.
Item Code: 21914
£1.04 inc VAT
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Wire Terminal Filament Lamp 5v 60ma
T1 3mm wire terminal filament lamp, 5v, 60ma.
Item Code: 683
£0.68 inc VAT
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Olive Vacuum Bulb P13.5s 2.4v 1.2w
Olive vacuum bulb P13.5s, 2.4v, 1.2w.
Item Code: PF/2.4/.5/P
£0.68 inc VAT
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Round MES Lamp G-3 1/2 E10 6.5v 300mA
Round MES lamp G-3 1/2 E10, 6.5v, 300mA.
Item Code: 11/65/.3/E
£0.59 inc VAT
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Round BA9 Lamp G-3 1/2 11mm 6v 300mA
Round BA9 lamp G-3 1/2 11mm, 6v, 300mA.
Item Code: 11/6/.3/B
£0.61 inc VAT
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ES111 240v 75watt Hi-Spot Flood Lamp 24 Degree GU10
*NEW STOCK DUE 10/01/2018* Hi-Spot ES111 GU10 111m diameter. 75watt. 24 degree. 2000 Hour. Halogen dimmable. Equivalent to manufacturers code: 0022225 This lamp is mainly used in commercial applications such as retail outlets, hotel lobbys and general lighting where a directional beam of light is required.
Item Code: 75ES111FLOOD
£11.94 inc VAT
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Lamp Extractor  Set For Miniature Lamps
9 Piece miniature lamp extractor set T1 to T5 size.
£16.86 inc VAT
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28Volt 200Watt K Class Linear Halogen Lamp
Long life double ended K-Class linear halogen lamp. This ever popular quality halogen lamp with a triple reinforced filament will provide unbeatable value. 24-28Volt, 200Watt, 11x118mm, R7s.
Item Code: K11/28V
£3.84 inc VAT
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