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GLS Clear Tough Lamp 240V 25W BC
GLS clear 240/250V 25W BC/B22d last 3 times longer than a standard bulb. Tough durable filament. Suitable for rough service and industrial applications.
Item Code: GS24025C22
£1.70 inc VAT
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60mm 60W Rough Service GLS Bulb BC/B22 Pearl
Rough service GLS light bulb. 235V 60W BC Pearl, identical to the phased out traditional incandescent bulbs with extra filament supports. Ideal for machinery lighting and applications that are subject to vibration.
Item Code: GSRS25060P22
£1.50 inc VAT
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Opal Candle Bulb 40W ES PCAN40OES
Opal Frosted 40 watt ES E27 incandescent bulb.
Item Code: RSCO2404027
£1.32 inc VAT
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T6.8 x 44mm Telephone Slide Lamp 12V 100MA
Telephone slide lamp T6.8x44mm, 12v 100mA.
Item Code: 6844/12/100
£1.44 inc VAT
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Tubular SES E14 lamp T16x35mm E14 24v 5w
Tubular SES lamp T16x35mm E14, 24v, 5w.
Item Code: 35/24/5/E
£1.18 inc VAT
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Tubular BA7s Lamp T6.8mm 6v 200mA
Tubular BA7s lamp T6.8mm, 6v 200mA.
Item Code: 7123/6/200
£0.98 inc VAT
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Tubular BA15d lamp T16x35mm 12v 5w
Tubular BA15d lamp T16x35mm, 12v, 5w.
Item Code: 35/12/5/B
£1.44 inc VAT
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Tubular MES Lamp T-3 1/4 E10 240v 13mA
Tubular MES lamp T-3 1/4 E10, 240v 13mA.
Item Code: 10/240/4/E
£0.90 inc VAT
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5Volt 90mA Tubular BA9s Lamp
Tubular BA9s lamp T-3 1/4 10mm, 5v, 90mA.
Item Code: 10/5/.09/B
£1.07 inc VAT
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Wedge Base Lamp 6.3v 0.15A
10mm wedge base lamp 6.3v 0.15A.
Item Code: 159
£0.49 inc VAT
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Midget Flange SX6 Lamp T-1 3/4 28v 40mA
Tubular SX6s lamp T-1 3/4, 28v 40mA.
Item Code: 387
£0.76 inc VAT
Quantity Pricing
10-49 = £0.63 each
50-99 = £0.33 each
100+ = £0.28 each
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Tubular S6s Lamp T-1 3/4 6.3v 200mA
Tubular S6s lamp T-1 3/4, 6.3v 200mA.
Item Code: 21914
£1.04 inc VAT
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Wire Terminal Filament Lamp 5v 60ma
T1 3mm wire terminal filament lamp, 5v, 60ma.
Item Code: 683
£0.68 inc VAT
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Olive Vacuum Bulb P13.5s 2.4v 1.2w
Olive vacuum bulb P13.5s, 2.4v, 1.2w.
Item Code: PF/2.4/.5/P
£0.68 inc VAT
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Round MES Lamp G-3 1/2 E10 6.5v 300mA
Round MES lamp G-3 1/2 E10, 6.5v, 300mA.
Item Code: 11/65/.3/E
£0.59 inc VAT
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Round BA9 Lamp G-3 1/2 11mm 6v 300mA
Round BA9 lamp G-3 1/2 11mm, 6v, 300mA.
Item Code: 11/6/.3/B
£0.61 inc VAT
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Lamp Extractor  Set For Miniature Lamps
9 Piece miniature lamp extractor set T1 to T5 size.
£16.86 inc VAT
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28Volt 200Watt K Class Linear Halogen Lamp
Long life double ended K-Class linear halogen lamp. This ever popular quality halogen lamp with a triple reinforced filament will provide unbeatable value. 24-28Volt, 200Watt, 11x118mm, R7s.
Item Code: K11/28V
£3.84 inc VAT
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Low Voltage 20Watt 28V G4
20Watt Low Voltage Capsule. This popular halogen capsule is used for numerous applications. 28v. G4 base.
Item Code: M2820
£2.26 inc VAT
Quantity Pricing
1-9 = £1.88 each
10+ = £1.17 each
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24V 3W SES Tubular Pygmy Bulb
T16x48mm 24V 3watt E14 SES miniature lamp. This lamp is used for light decorative instruments, panel lighting and Christmas lighting i.e. inflatable snowman and Father Christmas. Average life 1000 hours.
Item Code: 48/24/3/E
£1.31 inc VAT
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