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Alternative to Philips Aluline 6434 12V 20W BA15d
Alternative to Philips Halogen Aluminum 37mm reflector lamp. 12Volt 20Watt Ba15d (SBC) with clear front glass. Ansi code is GBE

** Replaces Philips 6434 **
Item Code: 6434
£9.00 inc VAT
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1-5 = £7.50 each
6+ = £6.95 each
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LED Globe 16 Watts ES/E27 6000K Non Dimmable WOJ14117
A 120mm opal LED globe in 16w which creates a lumen output of 1600 lumens in a daylight white light. It has an opal finish, has the same light output as a 100w incandescent lamp and is not dimmable.
Item Code: WOJ14117
£13.80 inc VAT
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TL-X 40W 120cm 33-640 4000k 4Ft T12 TLX4033 Single pin ends
Special Fluorescent TLX tube for use in Expolosion Proof Fixtures. Product Features: • Fluorescent tubes have internal ignition strip for instant start, non-preheat, starterless operation Product Benefits: • In combination with a special lampholder all possible sparking effects during ignition are eliminated • Used in flameproof and increased-safety luminaires for both indoor and outdoor applications • Used in applications like petro-chemical industry, offshore, mines and any locations where traces of explosive gases may be found Luminaires: • Special Fa6 lamp cap has a long and thick pin, requires a special lampholder
Item Code: TLX4033XL
£21.54 inc VAT
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6+ = £16.95 each
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36Watt T8 Fluorescent U-Tube 835 White
This is an alternative to the Narva brand lamp which is now obsolete. Please note these lamps run on control gear and it is the customers responsibility to confirm compatibility. The control gear parts are sold seperately.

Fluorescent u-tube 36w/835 white. Ideal light source for square luminaires in modular sizes. Commonly seen in offices, and hallways.

** Replaces Narva LU-2K36W/835 **
Item Code: F36UT8835
£8.34 inc VAT
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18W UV FL18BLB Blacklight Blue Tube F18WT8/BLB
T8 ultraviolet (UVA) blacklight blue fluorescent tubes. Length 600mm/24inches, 18W. A special fluorescent lamp made with a blue filtered hard glass filter which absorbs practically all visible light. Ideal for special effects in night clubs and for counterfeit banknote checkers.
UV Wavelength 315-400 peaking at 350-368nm

**Also known as N29CH**
Item Code: FL18BLB
£7.04 inc VAT
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28Volt Dichroic MR16 Halogen 20W GU5.3
50mm diameter closed front Halogen dichroic lamp. 28volt 20watt 38 degree beam angle. GU5.3 2 pin base. Often used on boats, buses etc. Note 28V supply not 12V.
Item Code: 63286/CG
£3.70 inc VAT
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20Watt Closed 24V MR16 38* Halogen Light Bulb 63226/CG
50mm 24V 20Watt GU5.3 38degree MR16 Halogen light bulb. This lamp has a closed front.

Order Code 63226/CG
Item Code: 63226/CG
£2.64 inc VAT
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