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TCI Lighting HF Ballast BCC122 for 1x21w-28w 2D  1x22w T5 Circular
This very compact HF non dimmable ballast will run 2D lamps in 21w and 28w as well as the 22w T5 circular lamp.
• Compact size electronic ballast for built-in use • Suitable for connection to emergency equipment in compliance with EN-60598-2-22 • Can be used for lighting equipment in protection Class l and ll • Sizes are compatible with mechanical ballast • Push in connector with retaining springs. Connector cross section 0.5 – 1.5 mm2
• Input and output on opposite sides • Start with pre-heating for longer lamp life (cut-off function) • Protection against lamp disconnection (re-start with pre-heating), lamp failure or end of life • Ballast can be secured with slots for M4 screws
Item Code: BCC122
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