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DE-4 Pin CFL Low Energy Fluorescent Warmwhite 13Watt
Compact fluorescent lamp. Length 134mm, Colour Warmwhite, 13w. Energy rating B. Manufactures product names include: BIAX-D/E, DULUX-DE and LYNX-DE.
Item Code: FDE13827
£1.85 inc VAT
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35Watt BELL Halogen GU10 ES50 03872
35Watt BELL Halogen GU10 ES50. This top brand mains halogen bulb provides you with great quality and value for money. Wide flood beam angle 50* degrees. UV stop glass. Bell Code : 03872
Item Code: 35PAR16FL
£1.55 inc VAT
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1-19 = £1.29 each
20+ = £0.99 each
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Bell 03901 12V 20W MR16 Flood
Top of the range long life but still great value for money. Covered front glass. 5,000 hours life for reduced maintenance. 50mm MR16 12v GU5.3.
Item Code: M268BEL
£1.34 inc VAT
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PAR20/R64 Halogen Reflector 50W ES/E27 Spot 05043
PAR 20-64mm Diameter Reflector. Cap E27. Beam spot. Most of the PAR range can directly replace spotlight reflectors.
Item Code: 50PAR20SP
£3.65 inc VAT
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Bell Energy Saving Decor Golf Ball 7W BC 2700K
Bell energy saving long life golf ball light bulb. 7Watt, BC B22d cap, 2700K warm white, 290 Lumen, 8000 hours lamp.
Item Code: FGB7BC
£3.95 inc VAT
Bell Energy Saving 5watt Striplight 02035
Bell 02035 221mm energy saving striplight, reduces power consumption by 70% compared to standard striplight. Lasts 8 times longer than standard striplight. Equivalent light output to 30w standard striplight. This product must not be used with dimmers or photocells.
Item Code: FST2405P1
£10.24 inc VAT
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1-9 = £8.53 each
10+ = £6.60 each
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60Watt BC Daylight/Craftlight GLS Lamp
A special purpose high quality lamp which simulates natural daylight and is suitable for needlework, craftwork and other visually demanding applications. This specially manufactured blue lamp absorbs part of the spectrum to simulate natural daylight for true colour matching.
Item Code: 0051
£2.00 inc VAT
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Energy Saving Globe Lamp 15W ES
Energy saving globe lamp 15watt ES cap. Suitable to replace 75W equivalent lamp. 2700K Extra warm white.
Item Code: F15ESGLOP
£5.94 inc VAT
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Pygmy Bulb 15W SES E14 Clear SIG15CSES
15Watt pygmy bulb. E14 SES cap base. Ideal for where space is limited.
Item Code: 66/250/15/E
£0.55 inc VAT
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Bell 7 Watt Ambience Energy Saving Lamp BC
Compact fluorescent ecotone ambiance. This lamp has been designed for the domestic market and is a compact fluorescent lamp in the traditional glass bulb GLS shape. 7Watt. BC B22 base.
Item Code: F7BCAMC
£6.62 inc VAT
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Retain Clip For MR16 Lamps VJ10
Circle retain spring clip for MR16 lamps.
Item Code: VJ10
£0.70 inc VAT
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Oven Bulb 15W SES Pygmy 02431
Incandescent pygmy oven lamp. 15 watt. E14 SES base. High temperature rated. 300 Degrees. T22x48mm.
Item Code: 15SESOVCL
£0.86 inc VAT
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Warmwhite Energy Saver Compact 5W SES 04995
Warmwhite energy saving compact fluorescent. 240v 5w SES Warmwhite 2700k. 8000hours.
£5.24 inc VAT
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Bell 18Watt BC to G9 Lamp Holder Adaptor 05309
Replace traditional incandescent bulbs with a halogen lamp holder adaptor to give a soft warm light in decorative fittings. Re-use the adaptor again and again, just change the G9 bulb. BC, G9, 240V, 3000hour halogen bulb included. Lasts twice as long as standard candle/golfball lamps. 18Watt, equivalent to 40Watt.
Item Code: 05275
£2.15 inc VAT
Quantity Pricing
1-9 = £1.79 each
10+ = £1.37 each
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Triple Turn Compact Fluorescent 2 Pin GX24d-2 13W 2700K
Triple turn compact fluorescent 2pin lamp. GX24d-2 base. Long life energy saving lamp mainly used for store lighting, offices and reception areas. Shorter and shallower than conventional double turn compact fluorescent lamps. Average life 10,000 hours. Colour temperature 2700K very warm white.

Equivalent Brand Names:
GE : Biax T
Osram : Dulux T
Philips : Master PL-T
Sylvania : Lynx - T
Item Code: FT13827
£3.41 inc VAT
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Bell 06680 16W Aqua 4Pin 2D IP65 Professional Series White 240V
Bell Aqua sensor professional series 4pin 2D 16W white. 240V. IP65 rated. Supplied with Bell 2D fluorescent lamp.

Ideal for use in bathrooms, corridors, porches, public rooms, etc. Easy to fit , instructions included.
Item Code: 06680
£24.60 inc VAT
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Bell Pro LED 3W G9 Warm White 2700K 250lm Non Dim 05674
Replacement for standard G9 Lamps. Lasts up to 10x longer than Halogen G9 Lamps. Non-Dimmable. 20,000 Hours average life. 2700K Warm White
Item Code: 05674
£6.49 inc VAT
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05278 Bell ES to G9 28W Lamp Holder Adaptor
Replace traditional Incandescent bulbs with a lamp holder adaptor, to give a soft warm light in decorative fittings, without buying specialist bulbs. Re-usable again and again, just changed the G9 bulb. 240V 2000 Hour Halogen G9 Bulb Included.
Item Code: 05278
£2.15 inc VAT
Quantity Pricing
1-9 = £1.79 each
10+ = £1.45 each
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Bell 05274 18W E27 to G9 Lamp Holder Adaptor
Bell 05274 18 watt E27 to G9 lamp holder adaptor.
Equivalent to 25watt lamp.
Replace traditional incandescent bulbs with a halogen lamp holder adaptor to give a soft warm light in decorative fittings.
Item Code: 05274
£2.17 inc VAT
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S-2 Pin Low Energy Fluorescent 7Watt Warm White
Compact fluorescent lamp. Length 135mm, Colour Warmwhite, 7Watt. Single tube PL-S low energy saving CFL Light bulb.
Item Code: FS7827
£1.85 inc VAT
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