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39mm 30Watt SES Reflector
Blown glass reflector lamp ideal for accent lighting in both commercial and domestic applications such as shop window displays, discos, clubs, surface mounted spotlights or recessed downlighters. 240Volt, 30Watt 39mm SES Diffused. This lamp is often used in furniture lighting and Lava lamps.
Item Code: 30R39DSES
£1.30 inc VAT
ES-BC Adaptor
An adaptor to convert an Edison Screw (ES) fitting lamp holder to a Bayonet (BC) fitting. Made from black Bakelite moulding Maximum rating 60W
Item Code: 1903
£4.48 inc VAT
In Stock
1427 B22d (BC) Batten Lampholder & Skirt
BC HO skirt white. 3 Terminals deep base T1 batten lampholder.
Item Code: 1427
£2.63 inc VAT
In Stock
BC Brass Cord Lampholder 219
BC Brass cord grip lampholder with earth.
Item Code: 219
£4.91 inc VAT
In Stock
10A 1 Gang 2 Way Switch
Evolution range - Slimline. 10A 1 Gang 2 way white switch to BS3676.
Item Code: 3402
£2.58 inc VAT
In Stock
13Amp Twin Socket
Evolution range - Slimline. 13Amp Twin white socket outlet to BS1363.
Item Code: 3408
£6.68 inc VAT
In Stock
13 Amp Twin Switched White Socket
13Amp Twin switched socket outlet to BS1363.
Item Code: 3409
£4.19 inc VAT
In Stock
1 Gang T.V Socket
Evolution range - Slimline. 1 Gang TV white socket.
Item Code: 3479
£2.63 inc VAT
In Stock
LED Automatic Low Energy Nightlight 1611
LED automatic Low Energy nightlight. Provides a reassuring light for the comfort and safety of all the family. Ideal for children's bedrooms , halls and stairways. Plugs into a standard 13amp 3 pin socket. Light sensor cell switches the light on at dusk and off at dawn automatically. Complies with all safety standards. Extremely low energy consumption.
Item Code: 1611
£8.15 inc VAT
In Stock
13Amp Pull Plug
13Amp Pull plug, To BS1363. White finish. Lyvia code:1650.
Item Code: 1650
£2.54 inc VAT
In Stock
Safety Socket Insert
Safety socket insert. Ideal for homes where children are. Lyvia code: 1606.
Item Code: 1606LO
£2.57 inc VAT
In Stock
Black Nickel Intermediate Switch
Black Nickel finish. Intermediate switch.
Item Code: 8813MBN
£17.64 inc VAT
In Stock
13Amp 3 Way Trailing Socket
13Amp, 3 Way socket fused 13Amp with neon to BS1363/A.
Item Code: 9421
£13.25 inc VAT
In Stock
Black Nickel 13A 2 Gang Switched Socket
Black Nickel, 13A, 2 Gang, Switched Socket.
Item Code: 8865MBN
£28.51 inc VAT
1 or 2 to 4 Switched Converter
1 or 2 to 4 Switched converter, Bubble pack.
Item Code: 4125
£14.29 inc VAT
In Stock
European Travel Adaptor
European style 2 round pin adapter, earthed adaptor for safety, 7.5 AMP / 250V. Planning to take any electrical items from the UK to Europe? Then you will need a travel plug adapter. The voltage is the same in both countries so all you need is this handy item to let you charge and use items in Europe - simple as that! This travel adapter is designed to be lightweight and small. Whether charging your phone or drying your hair, this item is essential!
Item Code: 1667
£2.09 inc VAT
In Stock
Connector 10Amp 2 Pin Nylon White
10Amp, 2 pin Nylon connector. white.
Item Code: 9417W
£4.63 inc VAT
In Stock
Black Nickel 1 Gang, 2 Way Dimmer Switch
1 Gang, 2 Way Dimmer Switch. Black Nickel effect.
Item Code: 8513MBN
£30.82 inc VAT
In Stock
Black Nickel Double Blanking Plate
Black Nickel Double Blanking Plate.
Item Code: 8889MBN
£17.29 inc VAT
In Stock
Georgian Brass 6A 2 Gang 2 Way Switch
6A 2 Gang 2 Way Switch. Georgian Brass Effect.
Item Code: 8863G
£16.18 inc VAT
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