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Tridonic 4.5ah High Temperature NICD 2 Cell 89800092
Tridonic 4.5ah high temperature NICD 2 cell. Nickel cadmium cells. For use with emergency lighting units.
Item Code: ACCU-NICD2A55
£11.94 inc VAT
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Tridonic 89899924 PC1x55-5TCL Combo
Tridonic PC 1x55-35 TC-L COMBO ballast. Combination of electronic ballast and emergency lighting unit.
Item Code: PC1X55-35TCCOMB
£39.50 inc VAT
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EM Converter LED Basic 105 90V 89800188
Tridonic EM converter LED basic 105 90V. LED emergency lighting control gear for manual testing. For luminaire installation.
Item Code: EMLEDBASIC10590V
£40.43 inc VAT
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Tridonic NiCd Accus 4A 55 89800089
Tridonic NiCd Accus 4A 55 1 x 4 emergency battery.
Item Code: ACCU-NICD4A55
£22.34 inc VAT
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Tridonic PC1X28-34 Combo Emergency Module & Electric Ballast 89899955
PC1X28-34 LO DD Combo Emergency module and ballast to run 1X28W 2D compact fluorescent. They have a 3 hour rated duration and should be used with a 4 Cell battery pack. Tridonic article code: 89 899 955
Item Code: PC1X28/34DDCOMB
£32.14 inc VAT
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Tridonic 89800308 EM Converter Basic 104 200V
Tridonic EM convertor LED basic 104 200V. LED emergency lighting control gear for manual testing. Compatible with all dimmable and non dimmable constant current LED control gear.
Item Code: 89800308
£43.90 inc VAT
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Tridonic 22185094 PCA T5 Excel 1x14/24W Ballast
Tridonic PCA 1 x 14/24W T5 Eco ballast. 220-240V. This ballast is to be to used with T5 fluorescent lamps.
Item Code: PCA1X14/24T5ECO
£39.77 inc VAT
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LED Electronic Converter
Short circuit switch-off with automatic restart, Protection against overheating and overload by mains output power reduction, protection-rating IP20, Compact dimensions, Connection cable with wired end ferrules, For indoor use only.
Item Code: LED/DRI/12V/10W
£18.29 inc VAT
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Tridonic Non-Dimmable 2x55 Ballast 22185286
PC 2x55 TCL PRO 220-240v 50/60/0 Hz. Tridonic article number 22185286

** Replaces article codes: 22176233, 22088448 **
Item Code: PCPRO2X55FSD
£15.91 inc VAT
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