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900mm (3ft) 15 watt T8 LED Tube Especially for Butchers

900mm (3ft) 15 watt T8 LED Tube Especially for Butchers
£24.91 inc VAT
(£20.76 ex VAT)
Manufacturer: LED
Manufacturer Code: 357 / TUBE-90-15CW-CARN
EAN: 4008321957771
This 900mm (3ft) 15W T8 LED Tube Especially for Butchers provides a brightness of 1250 lumens and has a working life of approximately 50,000 hours. Featuring a translucent cover that offers pinkish light, especially designed for lighting fridges or any other installation which lights food. Traditional fluorescent lighting consumes 50% more energy and emits many green and yellow wavelengths and few red and blue wavelengths, which negatively affects the colour of meat, which goes from red to brown. The fat can turn from white to yellowish or green. This is why T8 LED Tubes Especially for Butchers are used, as their light makes food products seem more appealing to the eye. This T8 LED Tube uses SMD2835 technology and has an IP44 Protection factor, which allows us to use it between -20ºC and +50ºC. Connecting these lights requires rewiring the fluorescent tube in the following way: Remove the ballast and starter and directly connect the two cables coming from the mains into the two pins at the end of the tube. Remove the ballast and starter (cutting one of the starters’ cables overrides it completely). *PLEASE NOTE - THESE LAMPS (AS PICTURED) HAVE OVAL CAPS AND WILL NOT FIT STANDARD ROUND LAMP HOLDERS*
Lamp Cap/Base:
3000K Warm White
240 v
15 w
900 mm
Average Life:
50,000 Hours
28 mm
Bulb/Lamp Type:
LED Butchers
28 mm
Beam Angle:
120 Degrees
Colour Temperature:
Warm White
900mm (3ft) 15 watt T8 LED Tube Especially for Butchers
900mm (3ft) 15 watt T8 LED Tube Especially for Butchers


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