Huco Ballast BL-HP 1x/2x9-21W HS

Huco Ballast BL-HP 1x/2x9-21W HS
ECG in magnetic/conventional ballast housing size for 1x or 2x T5 lamps. "Twingle" usable with 1 or 2 lamps. Multipower technology, one ballast for several lamps and/or performances. Alternativ model to magnetic ballast (CCG) Digital ASIC technology Reduced power losses, decreased self-heating of the ballast Optimal lamp operating by HLC technology (HÜCO Lamp Control) Active harmonic wave filter enables constant power output across a wide input range Flicker-free ignition No stroboscopic effects and flicker-free during operation No irritating noise Automatic restart once the lamp has been changed Lamp warm start and operation acc. to EN 60929 Harmonic wave limit acc. to EN 61000-3-2. Fulfils the requirements for emergency lighting acc. to EN 61347-2-3 annex J. Built-in device with a reinforced insulated plastic enclosure acc. to EN 60598-1 (Not applicable for the connection area) Huco Ballast BL-HP 1x/2x9-21W HS, Article number 095043.

Please note HUCO is now under the brand BAG so you may receive the item with brand BAG on but will be exactly the same item.
240V v
1x/2x9-21 w
Average Life:
Bulb/Lamp Type:
Huco Ballast BL-HP 1x/2x9-21W HS


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