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Base Cap Examples

2G7 Base - 4 pins 2G10 Base - 4 pins BA15 Base - Bayonet Cap  BC Base - Bayonet Cap
 ES Base - Edison Screw Cap FA4 Base G4 Base      G8.5 Base
 G9 Base G12 Base G22 Base G23 Base
G24d Base G24q Base G635 Base      GES Base
GU10 Base   GX5.3 Base GX24d Base GX24q Base
GY9.5 Base P28S Base P30S Base PG12-2 Base
R7s Base S12 Double Base S14d Single Base S14d Double Base
S15 Tube Base SBC Base SES Base  T2 Tube Base
T4 Tube Base T5 G5 Tube Base T8 G13 Tube Base T12 G13 Tube Base

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