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Battery Recycling Regulations

The Regulations require persons selling portable batteries to end users professionally (Distributors) to take back waste portable batteries free of charge from end-users. From 1 February 2010, Distributors who sell more than 32 kilograms a year of batteries will need to accept waste portable batteries without charge. This is regardless of the method of sale used. For example, the regulations apply to both shops selling batteries and to all distance sellers within the UK that sell batteries to UK end-users. Distributors must also provide information at their sales points to end-users about their take-back arrangements.

Batteries containing the following:-

Cd Cadmium

Pb Lead

Li Lithium

HG Mercury

Are hazardous, handle all batteries with care and keep dry.


For more information and on where to return your batteries please visit www.BatteryBack.org

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